This house isn’t an hotel. it’s ‘Lì Da Loro’.


Lì Da Loro. An amazing project where touristic apartments turns into something special and unique, to live a magic italian experience.


A cozy place to stay when in Bologna

Their Place is a project started in 2019 with the idea of transforming a whole block in the centre of Bologna into a ‘boutique hotel’.

Several apartments of varying sizes, each furnished in a different way and with personality, a lounge room and a secret garden where you can have breakfast or an aperitif, watch a film and meet and socialize with other guests of the block while this garden is also open to the public, allowing tourists and locals to mingle.

The creators, explain that the project is actually very ambitious and that it will be another couple of years before it is completed.

Their Place opened its doors with the complete refurbishment of four apartments and chose Very Simple Kitchen to design and fit the kitchens.

Why did you choose Very Simple Kitchen?
We were looking for contemporary kitchens that would be viewed not just as workspaces but also as real pieces of furniture, without weighing down the environment and, instead, making it even more personal and fun.

What do you think the main strength of Very Simple Kitchen is?

Versatility and customization.
We had four apartments which were all very different from each other in terms of size, layout and interior design and despite this we were able to find what we were looking for while still using the same product for each one.

And the result?
Playing around with just colors and materials, we were able to obtain four Very Simple Kitchens
that at first glance actually seem like four extremely different kitchens.

That’s what’s so great about it; a Very Simple Kitchen can completely change its look while remaining the same kitchen.